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several small airplanes and collapsed festival tents injuring seven people. closer to home, the weather was a mess up for fans who went to the park for opening day. let's go to national park for a live report in just a few minutes. an emotional day in montgomery county as a suspected drunk driver faces a day in court. two men including fbi employee, were killed last fall in north bethesda by speeding car. let's go live to the crash scene for the latest. >> the driver pleaded guilty to two counts of vehicular manslaughter. to friends died crossing as they left metro. there was no car coming when they stepped off the curb and within 12 seconds, the speeding
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car hit them both. >> he will never get to meet his uncle. the baby was born just a few weeks after his uncle and a godfather were killed by a drunk driver. >> that is what he did. he murdered my brother. he ran down in the road. >> he is wearing a pin in honor. >> every day i wake up and think of my son sprawled out on rockville pike with a last breath of life in his body. >> court documents show he is going is 76 miles an hour when he hit the men. his blood alcohol content was well above the legal limit. the family was in court but not talking to the victims' families or to us. one man repeatedly tried to block our camera. prosecutors say after the crash he left the scene. >> he picked up my brother's
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arm, dropped it, got in the car and drove away. people who strike gears are more compassionate than that. >> members of the fbi were a special pen who -- in honor. the man was driving on an unrestricted license and the laws need to change. >> they need to stop treating criminals like they are victims. >> he will be sentenced on may 18th. he could get anywhere from three months to eight years. they could give more or less time. a d.c. school principal is under investigation after a student accused him of attacking her. the alleged incident happened this morning in southeast. family members say the students as the principal pulled the student's hair and hit her.
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officials say the principle was involved in a physical altercation trade no charges were filed in both parties are being investigated. >> sources from the health department say the agency as close to announcing rules on the usage of merit -- usage of medical marijuana in the district. late last year, d.c. legalized the sale of medical marijuana. patients with a doctor's prescription are allowed to buy up to 2 ounces of pot per month in the district. now for the latest on the crisis in libya -- several said that leaders want a defected it leader to give up and formation of the lockerbie bombing. now a promise of community. officials will present to see what he knows and how he could help to topple muammar gaddafi. he's accused of helping to devise the 1995 bombing of a pan and flight that killed 279 people most of them americans. complete coverage of the crisis
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is ahead at 6:00. >> staying overseas, we are monitoring it -- monitoring events in japan. a high level yet from the area is on its way to the fukushima plant. let's go live to the newsroom for the latest. >> there are two significant areas of concern. one is the continued radiation leaks the japanese are still uncertain of exactly where it is getting out. second what that is doing to the world's water and food supplies. just where is that highly dangerous leak coming from? emergency crews are hoping an underwater camera lowered into the pool can help them locate it. >> this situation continues to be very serious. >> that as we hear from the brave but dejected workers trying to prevent a total meltdown. one e-mail reads crying is useless. if we are in hell now all we
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can do is crawl up toward heaven. japan is increasingly turning to other nations like the u.s.. among those arriving, 155 marines from indian head, md. part of the chemical biological response force. ground water nearby has tested at 10,000 times the acceptable levels. then there is the food. >> i am not a scientist but i drink the milk and eat the food. >> so far 99 types of food have shown radioactive activity. cows near the fukushima plant have tested positive and traces have shown up here in milk in washington state and california. experts insist it is not of major concern. >> with increased monitoring, and makes me feel comfortable where of there would be a warning, we would pick up quickly. >> the epa says they are increasing their monitoring of milk precipitation and drinking
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water in the states. foods imported from japan are being screened first for radiation. a government panel has weighed in on a link between food dyes and hyperactivity in children. an fda panel says more studies are needed to determine whether there is in fact a connection between food coloring and attention deficit disorder. the panel agrees there's not enough evidence linking that to, that food containing dies does not need a minute -- does not need a warning label. >> it may be freezing outside but the boys of summer are back. the team made big strides last year and in the off-season. dictations are growing for players and fans as well. let's go live to the ballpark for the excitement on opening day.
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>> it was a sold-out game, but not a packed house, probably because of the cold weather. boy was it hard for the fans who dealt with the cold weather to came out and watch their team lose at 2-0 against the braves. five pitches thrown at the same time by flag officers representing the five branches of the military started off the game against the atlanta braves. how many hats does one need? >> you have to have your rain gear on underneath the giveaway at. in all plus your jacket, you're in good shape. >> it did not stop the crowds from coming to opening day. >> we have not missed opening day in the past few years and we were not going to miss it today. >> this father and son make it a tradition to share the first game of the season together right down to their matching
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jerseys. >> did anyone give you any dirty looks? >> there are a lot of braves fans here. >> they hope this season will be different. >> i took the afternoon off work. it's okay of the boss sees me. >> you now have someone come out on the ball park and to this announcement to play ball? the mayor of d.c. was announced to come out on the field today and was booed by fans. >> thank you. [inaudible] coming up, we will go back out to the ballpark for a serious reason. >> any thing they see their
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heroes do, they consider it to be cool. >> something that could risk his and your health. >> a local move -- a local woman moves across country and some of heart -- some of her belongings are missing. the missing cobra has been found. we will tell you where they found it. the mystery behind this a lime green wat [ male announcer
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a new development for the search of analysis poisonous snake. within the last hour, bronx officials announced the missing egyptian cobra was found alive and well inside the reptile house. this photo was taken after today's capture. zookeeper's say they lured him out of his hiding spot by using a wood shavings that smell like mice. the snake disappeared from its enclosure on saturday. >> he's probably upset that he found out that was wood shavings. back to our coverage of opening day. the start of baseball season
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comes as ballplayers face pressures on a far more serious subject. >> [inaudible] >> the issue is tobacco. specifically chewing tobacco. pressure is mounting against players, owners and the players' union to ban that altogether. it is as much a part of baseball as a home run or double play, but an effort is underway to ban it. antirejection tobacco advocates are calling for a ban on use of all tobacco products, especially smokeless tobacco. it's a habit the national picture pay -- a national pitcher picked up and high- school and is trying hard to kick. >> i'm working hard to cut it out completely. hopefully the other people will want to do the same.
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it's not my call. >> the use of smokeless tobacco among high-school boys has climbed to 36% since 2003. that's one of the reasons for the push to ban that from america's pastime. in addition to a graphic public- service campaign, major baseball cities including washington d.c. are signing letters asking the baseball league to ban tobacco use. >> especially on television during game time. kids think this is a way to be a man, a way to be a great player. >> mothers and fathers alike agree with the proposed ban. >> i believe it will have a strong influence on them and i'd like the looks too young children. >> kids look to baseball players as role models. they want to know why they do it. is it not good for them? >> the minor league banned
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chewing tobacco completely in 1993. a change in the major league would mean a change in the collective bargaining agreement between players and owners. so far the union has resisted the move. the lucky seven mega winners came forward today to collect their $319 million lottery prize. one man in the group described what he did with his ticket after realizing they had one. >> what i did was put in to ziploc bags, in a 5 gallon bucket of bird food and hid it in my basement. i did not know what to do with it. >> they're all employes from the state of new york and say they haven't decided whether they will leave their jobs. but they said they would buy some practical things like a dishwasher and college educations for the kids. after taxes each winner will grab about $19 million.
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>> that is exciting. nasa is preparing damage to the space shuttle. it was pounded by hail after a storm. luckily, no one was hurt. crews found minor damage to some of the insulation. the shuttle is scheduled to blast off on april 19th for its final flight. >> they have some crazy weather down there. >> today's in a row possible tornadoes and a tornado watches. across north-central florida, to orlando over to the space coast. they will finally have a long stretch of nice weather but it is wild. hear it has been dammed and boring but we see an improvement coming. a light rain north of the metro area. those are north of here, headed to frederick.
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there will be more where those are coming from. we are running close to 20 degrees below average temperatures across the area. 42 degrees in manassas with a light breeze out of the east. 41 in the district. plenty of cool air across the eastern part of the country. tomorrow, the folks who live in burlington will issue will be in the '40's. temperatures are falling and a new storm is forming. for us, we will lock out with this one as the storm moves across the coast. you will have to look long and hard to find warm air. across the stormy areas, lots of 40's to the north and west. there is a warm-up i have been talking about all week. we'll see a noticeable change
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in the weather pattern which means it temperature at above- average. the big trend change is a couple of weeks away. some energy to the west and south. a southern storm will be developing as it goes up the coast. it's going to be pretty good for us. scattered showers tonight and some of the colder air comes in overhead. some areas mixed with sleet or snow. it will move out in the morning and we may see a touch of clearing in the afternoon. here is the line moving through florida with elements rushing off to shore. this is what our future cast analyzes. snow to the north as the storm intensifies, we will see a break. near 50 tomorrow and on saturday, another disturbance will spoil a nice saturday.
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by sunday, things will settle down and we should get the upper 50s with a sunny day. it will remain cloudy and breezy through the day. maybe some glimpses of the sunshine. as we had to the next several days, temperatures will ramp up a little bit. another friend -- then we could pop into the '70s to say afternoon and evening. when you need a weather update, it is easy -- go click on the blue whether tab and more than everything you ever wanted to know is there at coming up, the easter season is upon us but the news from a big candy maker you may not like. >> it's not that easter bunny but it's another cute character headed to the big screen. we will tell you whether or not you will be popping for "hot."
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new details on a story you first saw here -- lime green water in a creek. >> these pictures were taken in university park. we have more on what caused this situation. very strange. >> a very strange indeed. the creek is almost back to normal. still a little bit of a green tint to it tonight. the fire department has to use some detective work to get to the bottom of it. it was a mystery when the water turned green, bright green. >> two weeks ago colly problem would have thought it was a st.
5:24 pm
patrick's day prank. but it was a fluorescent green color. >> it was crazy. i've never seen anything like it. >> a student shot video of the creek. eventually it spills into the anacostia. >> i thought it was a prank. >> the hazardous materials team tested whether the water was toxic. it was not. then they set out how to find out it turned green. they attracted about half a mile upstream to this commercial highrise building those using green dye to test its plumbing system. >> we found that a valve had malfunctioned and allowed the green colored water to empty into a storm drain which ends up in the creek. >> the water is back -- the water is almost back to normal. >> we were not too happy to have
5:25 pm
the ph of the stream change. >> but the mystery is solved. >> the fire department says the green water posed no threat to our health or to the environment. they're still turning their findings over to the maryland department of the environed for further investigation. coming up, and imagine moving thousands of miles of losing your stuff. one woman's frustrating story and how 7 on your side got involved. >> was their cheating or was there not? former d.c. school chancellor changes her answer and the union reacts. police arrest two men for the
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you are watching abc seven
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days at 5:00. -- abc seven news at 5:00. a university of maryland student was murdered and did two-month mystery may be solved. >> police have arrested two people in the murder. prince george's county bureau chief is live now with the evidence leading to the rest. >> when this murder happened back in january, there's a huge outpouring of grief at the university of maryland. hundreds attended a memorial service at the campus chapel. tonight, there is a sense of relief with these arrests. his best friends say word that his killers have been arrested is more than welcome. >> i'm happy justice has been served. but it's such a tragic loss. i can't even begin to tell you how much pain it has caused at
5:30 pm
the university of maryland. >> we did not expect it. >> police allege on the morning of january 11th, a 21-year-old and his friend went to the off- campus home because another friend told them he was a drug dealer and they could rob him of cash and drugs. according to court documents weaver waited outside while williams went in. williams allegedly shot him twice. both suspects have reportedly confessed their involvement. >> this was not a random crime. it appears the motive was drugs and money. >> it shocks me. >> that was the reaction today. he was once a promising baseball player. his friends say they don't recognize either suspect and don't want the victims involved with drugs to tarnish his
5:31 pm
legacy. >> he was literally the nicest kids he ever met. the fact it was over petty things like marijuana doesn't even factoring to the situation. he was a great person. >> according to court documents the big break in the case came last weekend when a good friend of one of the suspects came forward and told police everything about the case, a secret he has been keeping sent january 11th. both men are now charged with first-degree murder. >> thank you. now to a developing story from charles county where an employee is charged with stealing money meant for students and instead buying high-tech and equipment. >> the woman we are talking about was a title one program director. in that position, she was
5:32 pm
responsible for taking title 1 money federal funds and providing the tools necessary in the classroom for underprivileged kids that may not have laptops or the equipment they need to get a proper education. she was responsible for purchasing those things and getting them to students. she has now been charged with theft concerning a federal program and making false statements. this happened after for laptops went missing. officials realized it was brought -- a was bought using title 1 money but no records existed showing the purchase. in an interesting twist, someone drop off a box that the administration building overnight with two more laptops and side. those were not found in the schools inventory. officials found more than $100,000 worth of equipment had been purchased without authorization. in total police got a laptop, 3
5:33 pm
ipods and other devices when a search to this woman's house. one witness said she would provide high-tech gifts for some of her children. >> thank you very much. a very interesting. the d.c. court of appeals holds up the conviction of a man found guilty of killing a "new york times" reporter. prosecutors say the man was struck in the head during a robbery in northwest. the case received additional attention because emergency workers responded to the scene mistakenly thought he was drunk and bypass the closest hospital to take him to one further away. the former d.c. schools chancellor has reversed course in that investigation saying some teachers might be guilty. let's get more on this story.
5:34 pm
>> we just walked out of the washington teachers union. they do not feel the exam was enhanced lot of for them to commit any cheating. they are calling for a third party investigation and are even in support of a criminal inquiry. the former d.c. schools chancellor said there was no cheating when scores wrote -- scores rose rapidly during her tenure. >> she is absolutely not the case. >> but today she said her comments were stupid and the vast majority of people would not cheap but there will be exceptions here and there. >> she is flip-floping. >> the president of the national teachers' union gave full access to the cover story on a law -- to "usa today." they say there are unusually high numbers of answers change from wrong to write. >> only certain tests were changed. the tests that made up the score for the school.
5:35 pm
>> he says he had always been suspicious about his test results. despite high scores, she struggled in class and needed a tutor. her daughter attended school in northeast where 80% of the classroom have higher rates. >> i think she might have did something wrong. >> the acting school chancellor spoke to us on tuesday and said they hired an outside investigator. >> absent any credible evidence there is cheating, i'm not sure what people want me to do. >> michele rhee is in sacramento but says her comments have been taken out of context. she said she could not be 100% sure there was not cheating because they could not be in the classroom. she said independent firms had cleared them of wrongdoing.
5:36 pm
time now for a check on traffic. >> we're dealing with some very heavy delays out there right now. this is the beltway, backed up each way. in our loop and our roots are very heavy. let's switch over and take a look at 270. travel lanes are open, but solid where the local lanes began. also very heavy and, all the way to highet's town. let's talk about what's happening in virginia. travel lanes are open but solid between pentagon and some very. westbound 66 is slow. back to you. >> thank you.
5:37 pm
coming up, a popular chocolate maker is making a change. something you may not like, just before easter. a funny bunny hops on the screen just before the weekend. an apparent hate crime caught on camera. new details as police
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archer is at the movies -- he's got an easter film for the entire family. >> is that supposed to be east your music? >> easter island. is everyone going to be popping to see the movie? >> the easter bunny gets the santa claus at treatment in "pop" featuring the voice of russell brand. he would rather play drums in a rock-and-roll band. russell brand voices that easter
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>> as we calypso out -- >> lets do it. >> payday is next week. coming up next, and alert just before easter -- a big announcement from a big candy maker. you are not going to like it. a 18 cross-country made and lo [ female announcer ] real fruit smoothies from mccafé are real fruit as in strawberries blackberries blueberries, and bananas which makes them really delious. ♪ ♪ that's what we're made of. ♪ ♪
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a local women's frustration after a move -- >> as moving at 3,000 miles is not stressful enough, i imagine some of your belongings disappear. that is what happened to one woman and that's why we got involved. >> she's back in the district and working on a job since getting her master's degree at stanford. but when she moved back cause something was missing -- her stuff. >> this is where i would have put my printer if i had it.
5:46 pm
i would have put all my books from grad school and textbooks here. >> her receipt shows the items she mailed costing $270. all only too of the boxes showed up. >> i was livid. i can't imagine why anyone could give me a response as to why my things were coming and why i was being sent from one person to another. >> all were sent with delivery confirmation. she is called the post office repeatedly. >> there's absolutely nothing they can tell me about why my boxes have gone missing. >> this letter came with one of the boxes indicating it had been repacked. some of it had made it to a facility in los angeles, but the rest have not made it.
5:47 pm
>> my printer your books, guess i received that were books or mementos or notes, those kinds of things i remember most. >> after weeks of searching, the post office told us we have worked every angle to solve this problem, however we have benign -- been unable to locate the lost packages or the content of the lost packages. we're very sorry. we would like to offer a full refund. >> she did not have insurance on the package, but it does not protect against loss or damage. the post office recommends insurance when sending valuables. bad news for chocolate lovers. carry to pay more. hershey companies raising wholesale prices by nearly 10% most of its candies. the price hike they say is necessary thanks to higher costs
5:48 pm
for raw materials fuel and transportation. it is unclear whether it will hit before easter which is a big season for chocolate sales. >> "gray's anatomy" is all they tonight. the cast performs as part of a musical event. the night begins with "wipeout" at 8:00 and wraps up with us at 11:00. you can become a follower of our twitter page. you can check in for a preview of the stories we will have on the evening newscast. >> don't be shy about passing on tips. let's get to about what's coming up at 6:00.
5:49 pm
we are following the latest in libya including the cia on the ground they're working with all the rebels. from the first time, we are hearing from office workers some calling the albany 7. meet the nation's newest multimillionaires and why one of their colleagues seems unlikely. we've been hearing reports its spring. >> it doesn't feel that way. let's find out what's really going on. >> it is a late winter storm. if you hang on until sunday, sunday will be a nice day. let's get you started looking at showers north of the metro washington area. more tonight as a new storm system develops to the south. snow in west virginia, especially in the higher
5:50 pm
elevations. more showers coming up the coastal plain. it is pretty much going to leave us alone. maybe a few flakes or sleet mixed in. tomorrow is april fool's day. you think it's bad here, look at this. this was taken on april 7th 2007, four years ago. 5 inches of snow that morning. if the worst we get at of this is a couple of cool and damp days, we are ok. low 40's across the area. scattered showers maybe a snowflake mixed in, but it will end tomorrow morning and turned a breezy and mild during the afternoon. maybe some glimpses of sunshine and a passing shower. enjoy it because showers and upside down weather return on monday tuesday and wednesday.
5:51 pm
we can really enjoy it as the nationals go take the field and give us something to cheer about. >> how did things turn out? >> let me put it this way -- this is day 20 of the nfl lockout and nobody cares because of the opening day of major league baseball. a sellout crowd today everyone excited for the nationals and the braves. everyone wanted to see the newest all-star -- he has the richest contract in an nationals history. he singled when he was first at bat. not a bad outing. the hero of the day was jason hayward. a line drive. up and gone. get a new baseball. just like that, it was 2-0 braves. the biggest was for president roosevelt. the nationals are 0 and won the.
5:52 pm
"-- the nationals are0 and1. >> unfortunately, we were on the wrong side. >> the day started with a lot of fanfare and a few legends. take a look at this. one was the great coach -- look at -- there were all here, but it was the great morgan wooten who put it all in perspective. >> i used to assure the stadium, the senators, and i never dreamt about a baseball park like this. it is quite an honor. brings back great memories. >> a legend end luminary.
5:53 pm
a sad day at the final was 2- nothing here. the braves get the win but it was opening day and there's new hope. despite the rain, it was a fun day. >> what a great group of people. >> we are optimistic about the next game. coming up, a big change may be on the way at an iconic spot in montgomery county. >> we're talking about
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
a big change may be on the way at iconic spot in montgomery county. >> leisure world maybe forced to change their name and has a lot of people upset. >> people are sure talking about this one. since 1966, you have seen the of leisure world logo everywhere. but now a trademark issue and is
5:57 pm
gated community is thinking of changing its name. it is an iconic image on georgia avenue. >> people are familiar with it. >> more than 8000 adults age 55 and up live here. it's a magnet for politicians and everything bears the famous name, but that is now on the line. >> someone named the community and then the daughter comes in 40 years later in this of you want to continue to use the name my father gave your community you need to pay me. >> the daughter of the developer originally demanded $6,000 a month to keep the trademark name. then agreed to just $1 a year but with severe strings attached. that led to a survey with some residents saying they should not have to pay a dime. >> as far as i'm concerned, they should change the name. >> but it will cost $140,000 to change the name on all of those emblems, and paperwork.
5:58 pm
>> residents say why it -- while the name may be fuddy-duddy -- >> it is going to cost a barrel of money to change it to something else, just leave it. >> so the battle continues with many wondering what in the world will happen. >> other a leisure world in the united states have refused to pay for the trademark and change the name. we will keep you posted. that's all for us at 5:00. at 6:00, developing news -- strong thunderstorms and tornadoes care through parts of florida. t partyers rally on capitol hill. more on their message as lawmakers battle over the proposed budget. been number of pedestrians and bicycles hit by motorists- increases dramatically in the
5:59 pm
district. the police are put on notice. you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. we begin with the wet weather across the area. >> we saw some showers this afternoon and we could be in for more rain this evening. >> it has been a drizzly and cool day. let's get right to it and look at the rain. most of the moving out of the area and a new storm forming to the south. new england will get a dump of snow between 8 and 12 inches. for us just some showers in the evening. 42 degrees in the city. overnight, temperatures in the mid to upper '30's with rained north and west of town getting some sleep but it will

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